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Understand Disruptors, And How to Beat Them.

In this book, you will learn how to use the business models and strategies of startups to your own advantage. Instead of waiting to be disrupted, you can maximize the value of your existing businesses and move into profitable new ones. Most important, you will learn how to build the agility to anticipate threats, sense opportunities, and seize them before your rivals do.

In today’s world there are two paths: navigating to a new digital future or being engulfed by exponential competitive change. With recommendations backed by research with thousands of senior executives from market leaders and startups alike, this book gives you a compass to chart your own course—to compete with disruptors and win.

The Global Center for Digital Business Transformation, an IMD and Cisco initiative provides world-leading research and analysis on digital business transformation. It prepares executives to lead their organizations into the digital era to take advantage of digital opportunities and manage disruptive threats. Full-time researchers from both IMD and Cisco draw from diverse backgrounds to drive the DBT Center’s thought leadership strategy.

Organizations are struggling to transform in the digital era. The DBT Center informs and engages organizations along the transformation journey, through high impact thought leadership and executive education.

The DBT Center prepares executives to lead their organizations into the digital era by reimagining their businesses from top to bottom. It offers participants a unique opportunity to shape the business models of tomorrow by exploring the what, why, and how of digital transformation. These new business models will drive how digital tools and technologies are successfully adopted and deployed in private and public sector organizations around the world.

The DBT Center combines Cisco’s leadership in digitization with IMD’s expertise in developing global leaders, focusing on the organizational change required for digital transformation. IMD is a top-ranked business school with a flexible, effective approach to real-world executive education and applied research. Cisco has the technical expertise and open innovation approach that can help executives generate practical insights to succeed in today’s fast-moving competitive marketplace.